It's inevitable. If you're having a down day just watch a cute animal or cute kid video and your mood will instantly change. Today's cuteness is a video of a baby girl and her father.

Being a new parent you're extra cautious about almost everything. One of those daunting tasks include trimming your baby's nails. You want to make sure you're cutting enough but not too much to hurt them. A father from Brazil was feeling exactly this way and his wife caught the experience on video and posted it to her Facebook page which has now gone viral worldwide.

Every time this father gets close to his daughter's nails she lets out a squeal, almost as if she's about to start crying. Which obviously scares dad, but as soon as she's about to "cry" she bursts into laughter. This goes on and on until both daddy and daughter can't help but laugh it off.

She already has daddy wrapped around her little fingers... or nails in this case :)

It's still unknown if the girl's nails were trimmed or not.

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