I love burritos… enough that I’d love to be a “Burrito Ambassador”. I don’t think the job exists yet, but when it does, I’ll be signing up for it. What would a “Burrito Ambassador” do? Good question. When you go to Chipotle for the first time, I’d be there to help you make your burrito (because it can be sorta intimidating) OR I could go around reminding people how great burritos are. Seriously, how great are they? #amazing!

Well there’s a guy named Devin Cunningham, who lives in Bellevue, Wash., and he’s eating Chipotle every day for a year and he’s LOST weight! That’s right… lost weight!

He started last July so he’s into his final month and a half and he’s down from 156 pounds to 146 and he’s even got a six-pack. Now in fairness, he did gain weight at first, but once he switched to the burrito bowl (equally delicious) he actually started dropping weight; although he does still get the traditional burrito as well.

He says he gets one burrito bowl or burrito a day and portions it throughout the day and he eats other foods as well. While he did it to show that the best way to diet is with moderation, I’m using this as a moment to say “see mom, there’s nothing wrong with eating Chipotle every day!”

Now, who wants to go with me to get a burrito?