One of the things that comes along with apartment life is sometimes you'll hear noises from your neighbor's places... Loud music, the TV, and even sex noises. Sure, it can be annoying but chances are you chuckle, cover your ears (or not) and move on with your day. Or if you have really noisy neighbors the logical thing would be to talk to them personally or report it to your landlord. Or so you would think...

36-year-old Ruben Cook  in Albuquerque, New Mexico heard his upstairs neighbors having loud sex last week, which REALLY bothered him. But instead of doing the LOGICAL thing, he decided he'd come up with a master plan to escape the sex sounds.



According to KOB 4, Cook started to set his apartment on fire! He told police:

...he "tried to burn anything he could think of" in his apartment to run from the annoying sounds."

He said he wanted to spend the night in jail to get away from the noise. Brilliant because his plan worked when he was arrested for arson.

Thankfully, there wasn't much damage when police arrived on the scene so no one was hurt. Its unknown if the noisy couple was aware of what was happening but my assumption is they were too busy (and loud) to notice.

How did a neighbor bother you?