That's right, the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show hosted a marriage proposal this morning... Did I mention that it was completely unplanned, and that it was so a listener's girlfriend didn't have to crawl through a wading pool of garbage?  I didn't?  Funny... it seems as though I should have mentioned that.  Click 'READ MORE' to get the full scoop and to listen to the audio from this mornings proposal...

Last week Kidd Kraddick in the Morning was giving away a trip to Nassau in The Bahamas for one lucky valentines couple.  The crew held a casting call for couples in the Dallas area to come in and plead their case about why they should goto The Bahamas.  The couple that came out on top was Jennifer and Aaron.  But little did they know that this was only the beginning of the contest...

The couple was summoned into the studio on Monday morning to see how far they would go for love.  Kidd split the couple up and then asked each person individually how far they would take their love.  He asked questions like: Would you give your significant other your facebook password for a day?  &  Would you get a tattoo of his/her name on your wrist?

That sounds easy enough, just answer yes to all the questions and the trip is yours, right?  Wrong!  The catch was that any of the requests that were asked of the couple could be an actual challenge to get the trip.  So if Aaron said he would get a tattoo of Jennifer's name, well then he just may have to get a tattoo of Jennifer's name to get the trip.  And THAT is exactly what happened.

Big decision for a trip to The Bahamas, I know.  So, Kidd gave Aaron and Jennifer a day to think over the decision before Aaron permanently inked himself.

When the couple arrived back in the studio this morning, they were given a chance to choose a different trial of love.  A listener thought this one up... Why not have Jennifer wade through a wading pool of garbage in search of the tickets if Aaron doesn't want to get the tattoo.  The question then became, will Aaron make his girlfriend wade through trash for a trip to the Bahama's or should he step up and get the tattoo?

The conclusion to this is far from what anybody thought was coming.  Aaron, quick like a bunny, thought up a different plan.  He told Kidd's producer that he may do something unexpected when they came back from a commercial break.  And boy did he!

Next thing you know Aaron asks Kidd, if instead of Jennifer wading through trash for the tickets, could he purpose to Jennifer to show his love.  Kidd agreed and the next thing you know Aaron  is asking Jennifer to be his bride live on the Radio!

Listen to all of the segments below:

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

You can also check out the video on Kidd's Facebook Page