Good news for Adele who is starting to feel better today!

As Adele continues to recover from a bad case of laryngitis, that forced her management to cancel the rest of her tour, the uber talented Channel 957 artist is taking voice lessons.

Adele is such a passionate performer that she blew out her vocal chords a couple of weeks ago and now she's learning how to prepare for daily concerts by reserving her voice in between shows.

In Celine Dion's prime, I remember her sharing with me in an interview that she never talks until she hits the stage each night.  That means she was eerily quiet at home, on the road, etc. until she opened the mic for her concerts each night!  Celine says that was the only way she could keep up her tour schedule and deliver the type of performances she wanted to offer her fans.  Pretty amazing, if you think about it!

If you get the chance today, click here to read more about how Adele is doing!

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