The Bachelorette Chooses Her Man Tonight On ABC! [VIDEO] [AUDIO]
'Emotional rollercoaster' are two words that come to mind when I look back on this round of The Bachelorette, starring Ashley Hebert. As far as reality shows go -- this season had it all with contestants who had a self-centered agenda to promote his outside business on national television (Bentley), inappropriate behavior (Tim the drunk and William's degrading roast commentary),  the strange effec
Muskegon Summer Celebration: Goo Goo Dolls, Michelle Branch & Parachute [AUDIO]
Every inch of grass was stood, sat and danced upon at last night's concert at Heritage Landing during the Muskegon Summer Celebration!  We were like a sea of fans bobbing up and down as Parachute, Michelle Branch and The Goo Goo Dolls rocked the park. It was such a gorgeous night along the lakeshore too!  There was just the right amount of breeze filled with the smell of tasty, grilled delights
Adele Is Taking Voice Lessons To Avoid Future Laryngitis Concerns!
Good news for Adele who is starting to feel better today! As Adele continues to recover from a bad case of laryngitis, that forced her management to cancel the rest of her tour, the uber talented Channel 957 artist is taking voice lessons. Adele is such a passionate performer that she blew out her vocal chords a couple of weeks ago and now she's learning how to prepare for daily concerts by reserv
What Steven Spielberg Movie Shares Super 8’s Release Date?
A couple of new movies hit the big screen today including the family-friendly Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer that stars Heather Graham and Jordana Beatty. Since I'm a crazy aunt myself ... I have a feeling I may get a kick out of (or be embarrased by) all of the ditzy things Heather's character finds herself doing to entertain the kids.
Volunteers Needed For Special Olympics Summer Games
The Special Olympics Summer Games kick-off tonight in Mount Pleasant. Opening ceremonies will be held on the campus of Central Michigan University tonight at 6:30 at Shorts Stadium. Over 5,500 athletes, coaches and volunteers will gather from all parts of the state to compete and build memories together.
Oprah Says Good-Bye After 25 Years As America’s Top Talk Show Host!
Today is the day Oprah says good-bye to you and me after 25 years as America's top talk show host! I can only imagine what is more memorable -- the first time she led the show all by herself or today when she finally says farewell? If you're like me and have been able to tune into any of the celebratory episodes this week you're going to have to go out and restock on Kleenex! We've been through th
Channel 957 Artists Win Big At Billboard Music Awards! [VIDEO]
Beyonce knows how to dance and put the flair into any awards show --  and that's just what she did at last night's Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas! The 'B' performed her new hit Run The World (Girls) with a huge screen behind the stage that featured more dancers than the hundred (or so it seemed) that paraded around her during her onstage performance.  Later, she won the greatest honor of the
The Truth Of Judgment Day
Freedom of Religion ... it is our First Amendment right in America to choose what we do or do not believe as truth. I found an interesting article this morning about those who anticipated the return of Christ for His church on Saturday, May 21st. The article at mlive.com also alluded to those who mocked the billboards and other advertising that was made available to the general public prior to t
You Know You’re A Mom When …
Happy Mom's Day ... one of the best holidays of the year!! Did you know that the first year Mother's Day was observed in the United States was in 1907?   How about a grateful moment that women are only pregnant for nine months instead of the 21 months it takes for a baby Asian Elephant?! Trivia aside, I found a really cute article that shares the moment celebrities realized they were true mom's! 
Are Men In Suits Sexy?
While I was looking outside my studio window earlier today, I noticed a guy walking around downtown GR on his lunch hour and found myself thinking that he looked really 'hot' in his business suit.  And then I saw a guy putting money in a meter by his car and thought 'No, not into sneakers and a sweatshirt!' Minutes later I stumbled upon a commercial for Men's Wearhouse that claims "85% of wom

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