'Emotional rollercoaster' are two words that come to mind when I look back on this round of The Bachelorette, starring Ashley Hebert.

As far as reality shows go -- this season had it all with contestants who had a self-centered agenda to promote his outside business on national television (Bentley), inappropriate behavior (Tim the drunk and William's degrading roast commentary),  the strange effect (Jeff , a.k.a. The Mask) -- followed by those who seemed to be on the show looking for true love. 

Last night, the Bachelorette's Men Tell All special aired for a couple of hours and ahead of tonight's finale when we find out who Ashley has chosen to be her future husband. 

I'm glad for last night's episode of the rose-less guys calling each other out for their bad behavior during the show.  William and Bentley were the greatest offenders.  Bentley was a no show, but William somewhat fessed-up to his poor attitude and appeared to be ashamed of himself.  I wish he would have taken full responsibility for what he said and did to both Ashley at the roast and Ben during their two-on-one date (that led to Ben not getting a rose).  

Ashley shared her regrets in the second half of the show. 

Moving past and through the season to tonight's finale ... Ashley will choose between Ben F., the winemaker of Cali, and J.P. the construction manager from New York City.  I think she's fallen for Ben and wondered if you thought both he and Constantine looked like twins in the final three??

Here's a sneak of tonight's finale:

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