There are places where you don't want your cell phone alarm to go off.

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At someone's wedding or a funeral would probably be the most awkward. It would also be awkward during a movie or while reading a book at the Library. But for this story, the alarm went off during Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell's press conference.

Dan Campbell Tells Reporter He Will Not Forget Him

On Wednesday, July 27th the Detroit Lions training camp kicked off and Detroit Lion's 2nd-year head coach Dan Campbell was speaking during his press conference when a reporter named Colton Pouncy unintentionally interrupted him.

Who Is The Colton Pouncy?

Colton is a staff writer for The Athletic covering the Detroit Lions. According to He previously covered Michigan State football and basketball for the company, and covered sports for The Tennessean in Nashville prior to joining The Athletic.

Detroit Lions Training Camp Schedule 2022

Lions fans can join the team for training camp on the following days starting Saturday, July 30th through August 10th.

Detroit Lions 2022 Football Schedule

Looking to check out a Lions game at home or on the road?
Here is their 2022 game schedule.

What Happened During Lions Coach Dan Campbells Press Conference?

Credit: Detroit Lions via Twitter
Credit: Detroit Lions via Twitter

Coach Campbell was addressing the media when he was caught off guard by a reporter's cell phone alarm going off unexpectedly. In the video, you can see how caught off-guard coach Dan Campbell was.

Watch: Reporters Cell Phone Alarm Go Off During Dan Campbells Press Conference

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