Today is the day Oprah says good-bye to you and me after 25 years as America's top talk show host!

I can only imagine what is more memorable -- the first time she led the show all by herself or today when she finally says farewell?

If you're like me and have been able to tune into any of the celebratory episodes this week you're going to have to go out and restock on Kleenex!

We've been through the good, bad and ugly with Oprah Flowing tears, laughter and sometimes feelings of anger or disgust have led us to today.  One thing is for sure, Oprah is a leader and has gone out of her way to share some of the wealth she has acquired throughout the years.

Agree or disagree with her philosphies, philanthropy, morals or beliefs ... consider taking the time to celebrate this milestone in television history.

Click here to walk through Oprah's memory lane.

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