A couple of new movies hit the big screen today including the family-friendly Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer that stars Heather Graham and Jordana Beatty.

Since I'm a crazy aunt myself ... I have a feeling I may get a kick out of (or be embarrased by) all of the ditzy things Heather's character finds herself doing to entertain the kids.

If you're a fan of Alias and Lost, then you're going to love Super 8 that is directed by J.J. Abram.  We got a sneak peek of the flick during the Superbowl when he and Steven Spielberg decided to feature a trailer of the upcoming summer thriller.

Speaking of our notorious producer, Steven, do you have any idea what other Spielberg blockbuster made history when it debuted in theaters across the country on this date in 1982?

In 29 years, the movie has grossed over $435 million --- costing just $10.5 to make.  In the day, that was one of the highest budgeted films of all time, as well as, one of the highest grossing films to date!

Either leave a comment below and share this blog with your friends, if you like!  I'll post the answer on Channel 957's Facebook page in moments!

FYI:  Drew Barrymore was seven-years old in the '82 hit!  Ironically, Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning's baby sis) looks a lot like Drew, but is a little more than twice her age in Super 8. Elle became a teen, 13, in April!

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