Muskegon Summer Celebration

Every inch of grass was stood, sat and danced upon at last night's concert at Heritage Landing during the Muskegon Summer Celebration!  We were like a sea of fans bobbing up and down as Parachute, Michelle Branch and The Goo Goo Dolls rocked the park.

It was such a gorgeous night along the lakeshore too!  There was just the right amount of breeze filled with the smell of tasty, grilled delights and elephant ears ... Mmmmmm! 

Might I add that you all looked fabulous with your Fourth-of-July tans.  Michigan summers are the best, aren't they?  One summer highlight is when Channel 957 artists come to town and share details about their lives -- like Michelle Branch who divulged that Summer Celebration '03 is when she and her husband decided they were dating!

The five guys of Parachute were fun and spent time with a bunch of Channel 957 friends before the show.  You'll have to check out the photo gallery to see if you're in any of them!

Of course, The Goo Goo Dolls were amazing and ended a night that will be remembered forever!

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