While I was looking outside my studio window earlier today, I noticed a guy walking around downtown GR on his lunch hour and found myself thinking that he looked really 'hot' in his business suit.  And then I saw a guy putting money in a meter by his car and thought 'No, not into sneakers and a sweatshirt!'

Minutes later I stumbled upon a commercial for Men's Wearhouse that claims "85% of women think men who wear suits are sexier than men with lots of money."

I think this calls for a survey of my own!  First, do you agree with the Men's Warehouse survey?  If you said yes, would you also choose a guy in a suit over any other outfit?  If not, what do you think is sexy?  

Send me your comments and share this with a friend or two so I can get as much scoop as possible!  I'll post the results!!