Always Wear Sunscreen
We finally had temps in the 80's and I bet your forgot how bad the sun can be on your face. And now you're all sun-burnt.
Don't you remember the advice "Always Wear Sunscreen"
Interesting that Consumer's Reports both came to some of the same recommendations, two y…
Stingray Bicycles are Worth Big Bucks
So how much could your classic Stingray be worth? A 1972 Model called the "Lemon Peeler" is currently $6,500. Guess it's worth more with a rear disc break. Another model called the "Grey-Ghost" is being offered for $3899.
It’s Not Sexy Shopping for Dishwashers
With everyone home because of Covid-19 your Dishwasher has been getting a workout and probably has never worked this hard in its existence. And in my case, mine broke down and sadly the parts were no longer available for repairs. So it was time to do a little research before shopping for new Dishwas…

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