Michigan foodies know some of the best spots to eat look unsuspecting. Sometimes you get the best homemade tacos from a gas station. Pizza from the mom & pop party store in the middle of nowhere. Now, LoveFood has determined each state's "most epic" chicken sandwich.

What's the best chicken sandwich in Michigan?

Downtown Ypsilanti's the location. Ma Lou's Fried Chicken is the place (15 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197). Look at their "Hot Chick" sandwich being assembled--makes your mouth water:

Ma Lou's describes it as "SpicyAF" (IYKYK). You can get it as chicken breast, thigh or even tofu. They load it up with pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and spicy ranch. Sounds mouthwatering already and it's only $12... which will offset the crazy-expensive gas to get there from anywhere in Michigan.

What does Ma Lou's Fried Chicken serve?

If you can't take the heat in the "SpicyAF" stuff, don't worry. You can get it toned down. Perhaps the "Basic Chick" is more your style? It comes with mayo, lettuce, pickles on a "basic ass bun." (Not only does the food look good, but they've also got a great sense of humor on social media, too.)

Ma Lou's does special sandwiches, too. Sometimes tacos, fish or sauces & flavors from different culinary backgrounds (Italian, Hispanic, Irish... you name it). They even do catering.

It looks like their fans show love on the regular with a sense of humor, like this:

So, don't go just for the atmosphere... noted. Sounds like "Life Changing Michigan Chicken" could have been the title for this, too?

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