Freedom of Religion ... it is our First Amendment right in America to choose what we do or do not believe as truth.

I found an interesting article this morning about those who anticipated the return of Christ for His church on Saturday, May 21st.

The article at also alluded to those who mocked the billboards and other advertising that was made available to the general public prior to the predicted day of doom.  Click here for the full article.
In my walk, I have made a personal decision to keep my eyes upon the Lord in all things.  I do not have the authority of God to predict, but only to anticipate the second coming of Christ Jesus.
You may not believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life so, all of this talk about the rapture of the church (all Christ followers) is non-sense.  That is not only your right, but an act of your free will to not believe on His Name.
In my studies I can confirm God's truth (the Bible) about the day of Christ's return to earth and it is found in Matthew 24:35.  I will only paraphrase to say that God is the only One with knowledge of when -- even the angels and the Son of Man are unaware of the day and time.  The church will be raptured prior to Christ's return to earth, and all will know because He will come with a loud voice -- no one will be able to miss (or avoid) it!
There is so much more to share and learn on this all important topic.  If you have any comments ... please leave them below.  I will answer each one to the best of my ability.

Disclaimer:  I am not a theologian or authority of Scripture, but simply a Christ follower.