Last week the Michigan House approved the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act (MFSA) which would allow the sale of aerial fireworks.  The bill now moves to the Michigan Senate.

Those in favor say the MFSA would boost the economy and raise tax revenue in Michigan.  Those opposed cite safety concerns. says the MFSA would:

  • Impose fees on wholesalers and retailers that carry the explosives. It also would place a 6 percent tax on the retail sale of fireworks.
  • Include penalties for those who disobey the rules, including up to 15 years in prison or a $10,000 fine for violations that result in death.

Michigan residents should be allowed to purchase aerial fireworks like those found in neighboring states.  The fact that it will help Michigan businesses and raise tax revenue is a nice bonus.  But with big fireworks comes big responsibility, for businesses and consumers.