Hi, I’m Steve and I’m a new Dad who has learned a lot of things over the last several months and I want to pass along some knowledge to you!

Each week I will be giving you some new tips for first-time parents and one spectacular Dad joke!  So let's get to the tips!

  1. Today’s first Daddy tip is about airing out a diaper rash.  If your little one has had a diaper rash, you know that you should give them some time to air it out by being naked.  Well, sometimes that can go poorly, like what happened to my wife and I on Sunday night. Charlotte had a little rash from pooping in her sleep the night before, so we gave her a bath and let her crawl around her room naked.  And that’s when disaster struck! When you’re behind is about to spew and there’s nothing you can do… diarrhea! All over the floor. Don’t do what we did, and take my advice. Keep them away from carpeted areas and let them air dry on tiled floor, or even just lay down some newspaper.
  2. The next daddy tip is to not get frustrated if your baby isn’t very cooperative when you are reading books together.  Charlotte has the habit of trying to turn pages before I’m done reading them or just take the book away from altogether.  So, what I’ve done to keep her more interested is I will give her another book to hold on to while I read to her. She will sit beside me and play with her book while I read and instead of trying to take my book away, she will sometimes glance over from time to time.  Now we can actually finish a book together instead of her taking it from me and putting it in her mouth.
  3. And the final Daddy Tip of the week is to teach your baby awesome hand gestures!  Now that Charlotte is 14 months old, she's picking up on these little nuances and gestures that Brittainy and I do.  I tend to shrug a lot, so now she is starting to put her arms up in the air and shrug too.  It's adorable.  She's also learning to point and now she is mimicking me when I scratch or slap my belly.  And when she lifts up her shirt and slaps her belly and then scratches it, it's just the most adorable thing ever...  Because she's got a chubby little belly!

And now it's time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: What do you call a pony with a sore throat?
A: A little horse!

You can listen to the entire segment below.