The Black-owned business owners, Ambiance GR Kitchen and Lounge, have announced that they have decided to close after opening a little over a year ago on New Year's Eve in 2021.

The Facebook post reads that despite overcoming,

the pandemic and the riots downtown that impacted so many small businesses, without the receipt of pandemic loan relief which we weren't eligible for.

This community pillar has decided to close due to

persistent safety issues that have increased all over downtown, in an unprecedented way.

While the business had no issues or problems within itself, the Facebook post states that,

the unwanted loitering and elements that galvanized on public streets and sidewalks as well as in the neighborhood surrounding, made it untenable for us to continue our operation.

Since Ambiance was so beloved in the Black community in Grand Rapids, there was an outpouring of sadness and appreciation for the nightclub.

Boston Square Neighborhood Association shared:

This is sad and tragic. You all created such a wonderful venue for residents and visitors to enjoy. This is a major blow to the esteem Black people alone have for this city, after such along time without a Black owned night club venue, to now get one and soo soon to have it taken away. This is devastating for Black Grand Rapidians and it has to leave so many aspiring entrepreneurs hopeless that this dream can't be achieved here. I wish that the city and the police department would have stepped up and gave you guys the supports that you needed in order to make this business sustainable. God bless you all for rolling the dice, taking a chance on our city. You did great work!! Salute!!

However, there is some debate about the closure as well. While many are simply highlighting the love they have for Ambiance, there are some that did not like the post's wording.

A Facebook user said,

WOW! This is what we're doing now?! We will NEVER advance equity at this rate! Whoever wrote the post about the closure on behalf of Ambiance called PROTESTS against racism and state violence, 'riots,' among other anti-Black remarks made; it matters not if the remarks were made by or on behalf of a Black business. Internalized racism is often the worst kind. SMH!

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