Can you believe that we didn't vote enough to keep Pia out of the bottom three during the results show on American Idol last night?

I was soooo surprised when I flipped back to Fox to see the final results that both Jacob and Pia were in the hot seat -- a first for both of them.

Then I was upset that Stefano was singled out yet again.  I love his passion, smile and most of all his heart.  He seems like such a kind and considerate person.

Anywho, it appeared as though it was Stefano's time to go until Ryan Seacrest made it sound like Jacob was the goner.  Ryan is a tricky guy sometimes!  No, instead it was between Pia and Stefano and to everyone's surprise ... Pia was sent home last night.  Click here to see her final performance.

I'm pretty sure Randy Jackson swore when he heard the results, the look on J-lo's face was priceless and she expressed her anger with the outcome of the show, and Steven Tyler reprimanded us all for 'assuming' that some are safer than others.  Lesson?  Don't assume and vote if you like someone on the show!!

Until next week ... eight contestants remain.