The Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, Curtis found an interesting online quiz.  The quiz was called: "Can You Pass The Psychopath Test?"  Curtis took the quiz and his results were, um, a bit scary...

Curtis is a Psychopath.

Umm we're a little scared to say this but ok, here we go: You didn't pass the psychopath test. You are not a very social person, you prefer being alone in your apartment, doing your own thing, with no intervention from the outside world. You are not a very empathic person, but you don't see that as a problem, you see that as an advantage! Our advice to you is to try to be more social (without kidnapping anyone!), and see how you feel, you might like it!

Welp, the verdict is in and Curtis is, in fact, a psychopath.  What about you?  Are you a psychopath?  Take the quiz and let us know!

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