Philip Phillips!

And if you did not know that I do not know which rock you live under.  He edged out Jessica Sanchez in what was a world breaking vote of over 132 million people.  That goes to show the public still loves the show even though many thought Idol was on its last leg. Season 11 ended with a star studded results show that featured Chaka Khan, Rihanna, Jon Fogerty, Jordin Sparks, the final 12 as well as many others.

It was a good season in my unsolicited opinion. There were a ton of great singers, and the finals ended up just as I thought they should. The popular talented singer/songwriter taking on one of the most powerful voices ever, even if she is an American Idol runner up at age 16, she can sing with the best of them and make them look foolish. Just not Philip Phillips who can do the same with a guitar in his hand.

Honestly, American Idol is still the best pure talent show on television, there's no debate. The stars always come from this show. Its been 2 seasons and no one from The Voice has even hit the radio. Just sayin'.