Andy Grammer‘s for-Channel 95.7-listeners-only concert at The B.O.B. on Wednesday night was phenomenal!

Grammer took the stage to perform for Channel 95.7 listeners and definitely did not disappoint as he played songs from his new album "Magazines And Novels" as well some of his older songs like "Keep Your Head Up".

We, of course, had a full staff of photographers and videographers (okay, we just made our co-worker Johnnie come and take video all by himself) so that we could capture the moment to be relived by concert-goers and watched by folks who weren't able to attend. 

Peppering the performance with personal stories while at the House of Music and Entertainment (H.O.M.E.), Grammer enterntained an audience of just more than 200 people in his first ever Grand Rapids performance.

Check out his performances of "Keep Your Head Up" and "Back Home" below.