I love ArtPrize.  It takes thousands of dedicated artists, fans, and volunteers to make this event possible.  But when that many people get involved, you are bound to run into a few problems.

I've put together a few suggestions for the fans and artists of ArtPrize.  It's ArtPrize Etiquette 101.


  1. Don't be an A.S.B. (artist statement blocker).  Everyone else wants to read it too.  Read and move on.
  2. If it says "do not touch".  Do not touch.
  3. Don't tell us we have to vote for your friend/uncle/neighbor/co-worker.  Please tell us about their work and where it is, but we'll decide if we want to vote for it.
  4. Don't ask a Wayfinder a stupid question just because their vest says "ask me".  No, they don't know tomorrow's winning lottery numbers.


  1. Don't put a price tag on your work.  This isn't a garage sale.  If someone is interested in purchasing your work they will ask.
  2. Don't beg for votes.  Please post your "up" and "down" numbers, but don't ask us to vote for you because you need the money or some other lame reason.
  3. Don't tell us that art shouldn't be forced to compete against other art.  You just entered ArtPrize.  It is an art competition.  If you feel that way, why did you enter?
  4. Don't complain about your venue.  Certain venues and areas will probably ALWAYS have more foot traffic than other areas.  Take that into consideration when you are matching your work with a venue.

What are some of your suggestions to add to the list of ArtPrize etiquette?

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