ArtPrize revealed their 2012 poster Monday night at LaFontsee Gallery on Lake Drive.  The poster has been receiving strongly mixed reviews.

The poster, designed by Square One Design, was explained by ArtPrize in an official announcement:

The design takes inspiration from the Op Art tradition.

Kinda messes with your vision, doesn't it?

It's supposed to. This is a graphic, pattern-driven style, known for its ability to play with the eye, dancing the line between two and three dimensions. It make viewers look, look again, and stretch their minds to understand what they see.

The same senses of tension, fluidity, and changing perceptions are what make the ArtPrize experience so challenging and rewarding.

The poster will be available beginning May 9th, at the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids.  It will later become available on other forms of merchandise and apparel.

Count me among those who love the poster.  It's my favorite ArtPrize poster so far, although I do wonder if we may grow tired of it more quickly than the posters of past years.  It's gimmicky, but I think it works.

What do you think of this year's ArtPrize poster?