This morning, we talked with Amina about the Association for Children's Mental Health. Here's more information:

·         All Michigan children and youth with emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges and their families live in a safe and welcoming community with access to needed services and support through the Association for Children's Mental Health (ACMH).

 ACMH provides information, support, resources, referral and advocacy for children and youth with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders and their families.

The association supports children by equipping parents through training and help with systems navigation. Parent support partners provide skills, youth engagement and activities.

The main activity the association likes to focus on is gathering families for family dinners. Many families experience isolation from one another and this creates a positive experience for families to come together.

o   Once a month, the association holds a family dinner with about 150 to 200 people taking part.

o   The association seeks donations to make this month’s dinner special! They’d like gifts for the children or parents or monetary donations to make the dinners more special.

The association is a non-profit, will donations tax deductible. For more information, contact Amina at:

o   Association for Children's Mental Health                                                         1260 Ekhart NE                                                                                       Grand Rapids, MI 49503                                                                            616-307-0809 (cell)                                                                       (email)