Backstreets back, alright!

At the premiere of his new movie, Dead 7Nick Carter was asked about rumors regarding a Las Vegas residency. He confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that they he and the boys have signed a 9-show deal to test the waters in Vegas. If all goes well then it could become a long-term residency similar to what Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are currently doing.

Fellow Backstreet boy member, Kevin Richardson also confirmed that the guys are in the studio making new music! NEW MUSIC FROM THE BACKSTREET BOYS! Which is perfect timing because this May marks 20 years since the boys released their first very album.

Kevin also said that they will be going on a world tour first. YES, you read that right. A world tour! Nick said that it would have to be a "very big and spectacular show." Anyone who is a Backstreet Boys fan expects nothing less.

Check out the interview with the guys below.

The inner 10-year-old in me is freaking out right now!