Katy Perry cancelled. Muskegon Summer Celebration is not coming back. At least R.E.M. didn't break up...right?It's disappointing.  Makes you feel a bit like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football, only Katy Perry is Lucy this time.  All this bad concert news got me thinking about some of the most disappointing shows I've seen in Grand Rapids over the years.
The all-time most disappointing for me was Oasis at The Orbit Room on March 20, 1995.  Lead singer Liam Gallagher stormed off the stage after only a few songs because someone threw a bottle at him.  Oasis played the rest of the show with Liam's brother Noel as lead vocal.  Liam was known to be a bit of a brat so it wasn't that big of a surprise.  On second thought, it made the show more memorable and maybe it was kind of awesome after all.
What's the all-time best and/or worst concert you've seen in West Michigan?