Booze & Books.


That could be coming to your local Barnes & Noble. In order to increase sales, the bookstore chain recently applied for a liquor license through the state of New York. Select locations will begin selling beer and wine in their cafes. If the idea works, it will then expand to other locations. According to Good E-Reader:

It is very likely that food menu offerings would be tweaked to offer items better paired with beer or wine."

This isn't the first time the retailer has done something to gain more sales (and attention). They recently started selling vinyl records.

Barnes & Noble has officially become hipster.

I can understand drinking a glass of wine and reading a good book but have you ever gotten drunk while reading? I can't imagine much reading would be done. This is an interesting concept and I'm curious as to how consumers will respond to this when it's officially rolled out.

What do you think of boozin at the bookstore? Good idea or not?