What a strange day this has been.  It started with the news of shooting at the Navy Yards in Washington, D.C. and now we get news about a tragedy closer to home.

Photo courtesy Chelsea Bow & Fox 17.
Photo courtesy Chelsea Bow & Fox 17.

You may recall hearing the story of a boy named Devon Morrison who went missing on Saturday in Belding.  He was last seen fishing along the Flat River on Saturday afternoon; when he didn't return by 6:30 that evening, his parents notified police.

Search crews and the FBI were working over the weekend and found clues like his shoes and a container of worms.

When the search resumed today, he was found by dive teams in the Flat River.  Fox 17 reports that police sources say he was found near his favorite fishing spot near the Ashfield Street bridge.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Devon Morrison.

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