Target is hands down one of the best places ever. Women, men, and children all can find something at Target. Really... do you know anyone who doesn't love Target?! They're not human if you said yes.

7-year-old Parker Cook, of New York, loves the big red store so much that he celebrated his birthday there last Friday!

His mom, Rachel Cook, told BuzzFeed that her son has loved Target ever since he was a toddler. But Target doesn't hold birthday parties... so how did they make this happen?

Rachel went to her local Target store and spoke with the manager about her son's obsession and pitched the idea. They went with it! Invitations were then sent out to all of Parker's friends.

Of course, they were asked to show up in khaki pants and red shirts. It's only right.

The birthday party-goers made their own Target name tags, ate Target popcorn, colored, and even did a scavenger hunt around the store. They also got to choose their party favors from the "dollar spot" section. Oh yea, and of course they enjoyed Icees and a Target themed birthday cake.

The party lasted an hour-and-a-half and according to Parker's mom was the "easiest" party she's ever planned.

You can see all the pictures here.

This kid is so lucky. I would give anything to have a birthday party at Target. Yes, even in my late 20's. Don't judge.