One of the most exciting parts about celebrating your birthday as a little kid is getting to have a themed birthday party. I remember having a "Backstreet Boys" themed birthday one year. Most girls, nowadays, would be ecstatic over having a "Frozen" birthday party, but not 4-year-old Iris Gill from Arkansas.

snake3d/ThinkStock says that when Iris' mother asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted she immediately said CVS! Now this didn't come out of nowhere, apparently this little girl is OBSESSED with the pharmacy store. Her mom even documents it on her Instagram page and blog.

Iris and her mother went ALL OUT for this birthday party. Everything was CVS-themed, the decorations, the cake, the party favors, and of course the birthday girl's outfit. Parents were even kept entertained with a CVS Drink (Cranberry Vodka Splash) and prescription bottles filled with Tic-Tac's.

CVS Headquarters heard about Iris' party and reached out to her by sending a birthday card, snacks, favors & party supplies to celebrate. And of course, the local CVS had a special birthday message on their front sign.

You can see all the pictures from the party on Iris' mom's blog here.

I have to admit, this turned out super cute!

Also, check out the video below.