I've always loved being a Michigander. Our state is so beautiful and offers so many amazing things to do and places to explore. It also has many great places to live.


One of my favorite things about Michigan is the Great Lakes.

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I also love when fall comes and the leaves start to change colors.

Website Niche released their annual Best Places to Live rankings this month, ranking the best cities and communities to live in based on various criteria.

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How Did Niche Come Up WIth Their Annual Best Places To Live Rankings?

The Niche grade takes into account several key factors of a location, including the quality of local schools, crime rates, housing trends, employment statistics, and access to amenities in an attempt to measure the overall quality of an area.

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These Are The 25 Best Places To Live In Michigan For 2022

  1. Okemos - population of 24,141.
  2. Troy - population of 83,989. 
  3. Bloomfield Township - population of 42,054.
  4. Huntington Woods -  population of 6,322.
  5. Beverly Hills -  population of 10,387.
  6. Grosse Pointe Park - population of 11,153.
  7. Novi - population of 60,014. 
  8. East Grand Rapids - population of 11,759.
  9. Northville - population of 6,007.
  10. Haslett - population of 19,565. 
  11. Ann Arbor - population of 120,735.
  12. Birmingham - population of 21,201. 
  13. Lodi Township - population of 6,501.
  14. Grosse Pointe Farms - population of 9,168.
  15. Farmington - population of 10,563.
  16. Royal Oak - population of 59,195. 
  17. Berkley - population of 15,372. 
  18. Eastgate - population of 9,421.
  19. Northville Township - population of 29,069. 
  20. Grosse Pointe - population of 5,206. 
  21. Eastown - population of 9,074.
  22. Fulton Heights - population of 1,818.
  23. Forest Hills - population of 27,830. 
  24. Franklin - population of 3,310. 
  25. Pittsfield Township - population of 38,567.

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