A Taco Bell located on Michigan Street is getting roasted on a Grand Rapids Reddit thread and the comments are hilarious.

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The Taco Bell on Michigan Street has been getting roasted by people for being open and closed at random hours, the long waits in line, and how often orders get messed up.

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Went to TBOM at about 8:30pm on a Friday night with my wife. There were 0 cars in the drive thru and no one inside either. We ordered 6 various menu items from crunchwrap supremes to cheesy gordita crunches.

Fast forward 30 minutes, we finally received our food. I was told "sorry for the wait. it took so long we added some free food for you!" What a cool gesture, I thought.

5 minutes later, get home, open the bag - had 9 items and a metric ton of sauce packets. HELL YEAH!

Except nothing we ordered was in the bag. Every single item was a plain tortilla with a scoop of refried beans. -Hickeyyy

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"Taco Bell on Michigan is open. The time is 2:29 p.m." - grapeadams  

Credit: grapeadams via Reddit
Credit: grapeadams via Reddit

MrVeggieStraw said: "Dang, quality has gotten better since the last time I went"

Z-corn said:

I drove by just about this time and not only were they still open BUT they also had the Drive-In Open neon sign lit. It's been YEARS since I've seen that sign on. I think they know about this sub and know they are being closely monitored. This sub is gonna turn the place around, just you see...

"Taco Bell on Michigan appears to be closed. The time is 10:22 a.m." - grapeadams  

Credit: grapeadams via Reddit
Credit: grapeadams via Reddit

"It is 5:48pm and Tbom is OPEN, but they put out the new promo’s 2 days early and can’t make them. Also, no sauce day!" -  iamelcapitan

Credit: iamelcapitan
Credit: iamelcapitan

Grand_Rapids_Gurl said: "Why did I create a Reddit just to follow this page?"

grapeadams  said: "Because hanging out with us is a Baja Blast!"

Taco Bell Menu Items, Headquarters And Restaurant Shoot
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"Tbom is a lawless land" - Jeffy-Spaghetti 

Stopped by tbom on a balmy Wednesday evening recently with my online order placed. I drive up and see six employees sitting in the lobby, and I think “wow, for once they may be open”. I roll up to the speaker and hear the dreaded “we’re closed”. After a bit of back and forth, wondering if they’d open back up later that night so I could get my gordita fix, I hear a deep sigh, followed by “I guess I can take your order…” “online? pull forward”

I pull up and I feel daggers shooting from the eyes of the employee standing in the window. She hands me my bag, and I mistakenly ask for a few packets of hot sauce. She must have sensed my fear, and knew exactly how to make me regret every decision I’ve ever made leading up to that moment. She shoves handfuls of hot sauce into my hands while I stare in disbelief, dropping them onto the asphalt beneath me while she still piles more into my open hands. I say “thank you” and heave them onto my seat while she hands me two baja blasts that were pure sparkling water with only a whisper of baja blast syrup. I figure that’s my punishment for trusting tbom, so I leave knowing I’ll be back next week for another 15 minutes of disappointment

 "Taco Bell On Michigan is open, the time is 6:57 p.m." - grapeadams

Credit: grapeadams via Reddit
Credit: grapeadams via Reddit

grapeadams said: "This photo is simply a visual representation of TBOM and not an accurate portrayal of the actual conditions on sight."

If you wanna follow along with the Taco Bell On Michigan Reddit thread you can check it out here.

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