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Get FREE Tacos at Taco Bell Today!
Now this is a way to celebrate Taco Tuesday!
Before the NBA Finals began, Taco Bell promised everyone that if a team "stole" a win while on the road then everyone would be able to "steal" a taco. Luckily, the Golden State Warriors were able to do that in game 3 of …
Cinco De Mayo Taco Bell Giveaway
Taco Bell is celebrating Cinco De Mayo in the best way, by giving away free tacos! Though not just any taco, you will be able to get their new Biscuit Taco for free during breakfast time 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. at all participating locations nationwide on May 5.
Taco Bell Has Breakfast Starting March 27
Taco Bell is easily stealing this idea from me.
Listen to this: Just a few months ago, I was up super early driving to work and I was hungry. I passed a Taco Bell and I said to myself, "How great would it be to have breakfast at Taco Bell?"
Well, they now have it!

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