There must be a rule that if you're rich and famous you have to name your child something bizarre. Nick Cage has "Kal-El", Stallone's got "Sage Moonblood", Gywenth has "Apple"-- and my favorite: Frank Zappa's daughter "Diva Thin Muffin".   Honestly, what ever happened to "Thomas" or "Jessica"? Though, yeah, I guess if your parents are named "Jay-Z" and "Beyonce" you can bet your name probably won't be too traditional.

E! News reports that Beyonce gave birth late Saturday night via scheduled C-Section, to a baby girl. And the little pop and hip hop princess' name is...

Blue Ivy Carter! (At least that's what Jay-Z is is reportedly telling friends. No public announcement has been made yet. )

Although the Huffington Post reports that some outlets are saying it's Ivy Blue Carter... which sounds a little bit more normal to me. But hey, you're Beyonce, you can do whatever you want, including naming your child after a color.