It only took more than a year, but Beyoncé is finally releasing Lemonade on vinyl, and she's doing it in the most Bey way possible.

When Lemonade debuted last April on HBO, it was a landmark moment for Beyoncé and her fans. The visual album was accompanied shortly thereafter by a digital album release, which was plenty enough to tide fans over until the Formation Tour kicked off. However, with the one-year anniversary of Lemonade come and gone, there was still no vinyl edition of the seminal album for the Beyhive to fawn over. Even 2017's Record Store day had come and gone with nary a buzz of any such thing existing.

Today, Bey finally delivered. In an Instagram announcement and website update, Beyoncé offered us a chance to look behind the majestic veil to see the inner workings of her process with the How to Make Lemonade Box Set.

In addition to coming with a double-LP pressing of the moving and righteously feminist album Lemonade, the $299.99 box set will also include a 600-page hardcover book filled with behind the scenes images, poetry by Warsan Shire, and a detailed recounting of the themes and inspiration for Bey's sixth solo studio album. That includes personal notes from the Queen herself on her lyrics, her videos, and the album in general.

Limited to just 2500 copies, the How to Make Lemonade box set is an impressive offering that any member of the Beyhive would love to have as a centerpiece in their home collections. That $300 price tag is a steep point of entry, even if you consider that many of us have already paid more than that to see Beyoncé live in concert over the years. Based on the preview on her site right now though, this book may well be worth it just to imagine you were with Ms. Carter on her journey.

The good news for the rest of us is there will also be a standard double-LP of Lemonade without the massive tome for a much more reasonable price of $29.98. I will reluctantly be buying that version, and wearing out my record player listening to it over and over. At least Bey was nice enough to include her recipe on the album so I can try to make it on my own. It might not taste exactly right, but it'll still be Lemonade all the same.

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