It's all about learning how to ride a bike on this week's Daddy Tips.

  1. This week’s first Daddy Tip is going to be some sad news for parents of toddlers. Toddlers eventually outgrow naps and just stop taking them. Charlotte hasn’t napped in over a week, and we have finally decided that we wouldn’t even try anymore. So, I wanted to do a moment of silence for all the parents who lost free time this year from their kid no longer napping.
  2. The next Daddy Tip is to start shopping for your bikes, sandboxes, and kiddie pools because things are already starting to sell out. We bought Charlotte her first bike this weekend and it was the last one they had at Target. And when we looked at the sandboxes and pools, they only had a few left as well. Don’t get caught in the dust like so many people did last year trying to buy that stuff and get it now while you still have a chance. It’s a great way to spend your stimulus money!
  3. And the final Daddy Tip of the week is all about teaching your kid not to give up. Like I said before, we got Charlotte her first bike last weekend and it’s been tough getting her to learn how to ride it. Charlotte is one of those kids who is quick to give up and get mad, so we have been trying to break her of that and to learn that if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. She’s slowly catching on and has started to be better about trying again but she still gets frustrated. But you just have to stick with it and keep telling your kiddos to try try again.

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: What is the smelliest kind of ox?
A: A buttocks

Listen to the entire segment below.

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