We are so lucky in Grand Rapids to have such an incredible Parks and Recreation department that maintains and offers so many places to cool off during the hot summer months thanks to our many city splash pads and pools.

One Grand Rapids pool, however, has already had to close early 5 times this summer, and it's all thanks to a serial... pooper?

5 times since the pools opened in Grand Rapids on June 7th, The Richmond Park Pool has closed due to 'contamination', which is just a very polite code word for a floater in the pool.

City of Grand Rapids
City of Grand Rapids

The pool first closed on June 12th, then again on the 13th, 14th (which they did specify was vomit). After that, the Richmond Park Pool got to stay open for a few days until another contamination happened on June 21st, and once more on Saturday the 29th.

While only one of the contamination posts shared what actually contaminated the pool, we all know that it was probably something brown, smelly, and not fun to share the pool with. And since you can't just grab a net and scoop when it comes to any sort of 'bodily hazards' that appear, it causes the pool to close.
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Obviously, they aren't pointing fingers at any person, or persons publicly for this problem. But it's weirdly only happening in one pool in the city... So while we're hoping there isn't a single person ruining the day for everyone, it feels a little weirdly isolated.

So, please for the love of all things: if you don't feel well, stay home and especially avoid the Richmond Park Pool so that some of us get to enjoy it for the entire day this summer. Or maybe you can just rent this instead...

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Gallery Credit: Swimply

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