The Oscars are tonight (Sunday) where Hollywood's biggest actors and actresses are recognized and given accolades for their hard work and talent.

However, not everyone agrees with the Academies which is why Jimmy Kimmel had to gather up the celebrities to read the mean things people had to say about them on Twitter. Just in time for the Oscars.

In this movie edition of 'Mean Tweets', Patricia Arquette's teeth are a target of someone's joke while Susan Sarandon's breast are the butt of another.

When you're a celebrity you just have to accept that people are going to have lots of opinions about you and the Twitter world certainly has a lot of them lol. This segment also features George Clooney, Emily Blunt, Seth Rogan and we get to see the "ghetto" side of Taraji P. Henson.

Hopefully, these celebrities stay off Twitter before attending tonight's Oscars.

Which one is your favorite mean tweet?

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