Charlie Hunnam is that spicy slab of man meat in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming flick ‘Pacific Rim,’ and we got to see a lot of this guy at Comic-Con 2012 this weekend.

In the film about monolithic humanoid robots battling against a bunch of aliens, Hunnam plays one of the stud muffins piloting said robots. The movie reminds us of ‘Power Rangers’ — you know, the whole let’s suit up in our armor and hop in our giant megazords to destroy monsters — but it’s definitely a more… “adult friendly” version.

N0w, if only Hunnam gets to take his shirt off the way he did for his Men’s Fitness magazine cover, then we’d really have a show.

Charlie Hunnam shirtless for Men's Fitness


Charlie Hunnam shirtless in 'Sons of Anarchy'


Charlie Hunnam

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