Whether you love him, hate him, or are maybe a little bit scared of him.  It appears that Charlie Sheen may soon be "winning" a new show.

TMZ reports that Sheen is in negotiations for a new show that could start as soon as January.

TMZ's full report:

Sources connected with Charlie Sheen tell TMZ ... the actor is negotiating a "big offer" for a new TV series that could debut as early as January, 2012.

We're told Charlie's reps are in "deep negotiations" and the deal could be done by week's end.

Our sources say the sitcom is being written specifically around Charlie and will air on a broadcast network.  The deal does not call for a pilot.  The show would go straight to series.

Our sources would not reveal details about the sitcom, except to say Chuck Lorre is NOT involved.

I'll admit, I will watch the first episode of any new Sheen show.  I'm hoping for the best.  I hope the train wreck is over and people can start laughing WITH Sheen again instead of AT him.