That's a picture of Charlotte right after her bath (she actually enjoys baths now!)  She is just checking in to Connie and Fish land to say hello and to wish everyone a safe, happy, and fun weekend!  She will definitely be enjoying her weekend now that she has her brand new Michigan State University Mobile!

I have 3 words to describe my wife.  Best.  Wife.  Ever!  She was out shopping and picked up this MSU Mobile that plays the fight song for only $10!  Woot Woot!  Go Green!  Now I can start the slow process of turning my baby Charlotte into the biggest Sparty fan this side of East Lansing!  (Note:  Yes, we know that she shouldn't be left alone in her crib with stuffed animals, she is still sleeping in bassinet in her sleep bag outfit and as soon as she is old enough for the crib, it will be toy, blanket, and stuffed animal free.)