It's Halloween and that means that it is the perfect time to show off Intern Adam's Halloween cartoons.  Adam runs a YouTube page called Barfing Dog Productions where he writes, voices, and animates a series of cartoons.  Check them out below.


Halloween Candy Mishap (2019)

Released this year, just in time for Halloween, is Adam's third Halloween animated short.

When a mad scientist has his monster collect all of the candy he can on Halloween night, it leads to Marty the Monkey and Timothy the Turtle (both voiced by Adam Luchies) meeting an interesting trick-or-treater!


Halloween Jack O'Lantern Prank Cartoon (2017)

The second Halloween animated short was released 2 years ago.

"Pumpkin Problems" An all-new Halloween animated short starring your favorite Barfing Dog Productions characters! Marty the Monkey uses a jack o'lantern puppet (made by Brenda the Bird) to scare Timothy the Turtle. After being scared, Timothy becomes and decides to try the prank on Larry the Lion... what could possibly go wrong?


Vampire Halloween Cartoon (2014)

And the very first Halloween animated short by Adam just turned 5 a few days ago.

Barfing Dog Productions' history is made in their first animated video! Marty the Monkey and Timothy the Turtle from Puppet Problems (voiced by Adam Luchies) are celebrating Halloween by giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. However, one thing they didn't expect was a visit from the supernatural, as one of their trick-or-treaters is a VAMPIRE!


If you enjoyed these, check out the rest of the videos Adam has at the Barfing Dog Productions YouTube page.