More than just about any other city in America, hang around Chicago and you'll see the city's flag just about everywhere. Any why not? It's a great flag. But is that any reason to pick on a city with perhaps an inferior flag - like Grand Rapids. Shots were fired on Twitter recently.

A tweet, now deleted, from WGN-TV's 'Morning News' account said simply "Hey Grand Rapids. Your flag sucks, too"

An eagle-eyed staffer at WOOD-TV 8 in Grand Rapids, who probably like me, gets paid to scour social media for stories to share with you, spotted the tweet and got in touch with ol' 'GN to see what was up with the slam.

The explanation, that the Twitter blast was part of a morning show bit, came along with an apology. The tweet was

part of “Larry’s World” which is basically a satirical segment. Wednesday’s topic was odd flags.

The segment poked fun of Grand Rapids’ flag saying it looked like “Miss Pac-Man with lipstick” but then went on to explain what the colors/shapes stood for.

Grand Rapids’ flag wasn’t the only one that made the segment. Flags representing Kvalsund, Norway, and Pocatello, Idaho, were also mentioned.

To be fair, I can see Ms. Pac-Man in the GR flag.

grand rapids flag
Google Maps Street View

All Hail the Chicago Flag

Kidding aside, those who study flags, vexillologists, consider Chicago's flag to be tops among great city flags calling it the standard by which all US city flags should be judged.

Three white stripes for the different sections of the city, two blue stripes for the Chicago River and Lake Michigan and 4 red stars for 4 milestone events in the city's history - 2 Worlds Fairs, the Chicago Fire and the Battle of Fort Dearborn. This non-WGN morning show explains it all.

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