The City of Grand Rapids has announced changes in parking enforcement to help with the long term parking around neighborhoods and business parking around downtown.

They announced on Facebook Tuesday that they were temporarily suspending metered parking enforcement around downtown Grand rapids as well as area neighborhood business districts. Instead, those enforcement officers will now be focusing on people parking in "NO PARKING" zones and ticketing cars that are blocking crosswalks.

The city also announced that they will no longer be enforcing the winter parking restrictions that limit some neighborhoods to only one side parking, as well as odd/even parking, which was in effect until April 1st. They've also temporarily suspended enforcement in residential parking permit zones. Which makes it a lot easier to find parking, since none of us are supposed to be leaving too often; not a lot of spots opening up anytime soon.

Lastly, temporarily as the city deals with more food delivery drivers and people grabbing curbside, they've started a temporary free parking zone for those businesses. The city will provide two spaces in front of the business (when the business calls and requests those spots) to help with people popping in and out more frequently.