If you live in or drive through Walker, your commute may be getting a little faster.

A state law passed in 2006 requires municipalities to raise speed limits that are too low.  A speed limit is considered too low if 85% of drivers are already exceeding it.  The speed limit then must be raised to whatever speed 85% of drivers are already traveling.

Walker will be raising the speed limit on many roads over the next several weeks due to the law.

Not everybody is happy about the change.  WZZM reports that Walker's Mayor and Public Safety Director are among those against it.  Others argue that when more people are traveling around the same speed, it makes everybody safer.

It makes sense to raise the speed limit when most people are already traveling over it.  If cities want to keep their speed limits down, they will have to start strictly enforcing speed limits to ensure that at least 85% of people follow them.

I don't want a ticket, but I also don't like laws that aren't consistently enforced.  Inconsistently enforced laws can lead to profiling and accusations of profiling.  Cities need to enforce laws and write more tickets to keep speeds down, or prepare for the possibility of higher speed limits.

Here's a list of the roads that will being getting higher speed limits.