The posted speed limit for 131 has been at 70 MPH for a few years now, it changed back in August of 2010 (except for the S-curve still posted at 50 mph), for the safety of all the drivers cruising along.

While clocking people a few years ago for tests, reports show that only 4% of drivers were obeying the posted 55 mph speed limit, so it was easy for the state to decide that speeds should be uniform and raised it as a safety issue.  I would like to personally thank the the state for that.

However, almost every day during my air shift, someone always calls in and says... "What's the problem on 131?", I say "We have none reported", they respond "Well its moving at 40 mph? This happens on a regular basis, so this leads me to believe that if there are no issues on 131 and traffic is moving that slow (and I'm not talking about the S-curve), it seems like that could be the reason I may see some traffic reports from 131 in the future.

I understand being careful and believe that is the best way to drive, but always be aware of the speed limit on the road your traveling, this may prevent you from being the accident I talk about when I report traffic.

This was a PSA brought to you by me. lol