Legislation to make pit bulls illegal to own in Michigan has stalled, but that hasn't stopped some cities from discussing making their own laws.

In April, a Wyoming man was attacked by two pit bulls.  He needed surgery after suffering two broken arms and getting bitten multiple times.  This attack has started a new discussion about pit bulls in Wyoming.  Some people want new restrictions, some want a ban, and others are defending the breed.

Monday night, Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody addressed the Wyoming City Council.  He explained that 27 cities in Michigan have passed some regulatory ordinance involving pit bull type dogs.  He also says the targeting of a single breed raises questions about enforcement.  Defining a pit bull can be difficult and authorities could be held liable if they illegally seize a dog.

Chief Carmody explained that pit bulls were responsible for almost half of Wyoming's reported dog incidents requiring medical attention.  Woodtv.com gives us the details:

From May 2010 to May 2011, the Wyoming police took 30 dog bite calls. Seventeen of those required some medical attention and pit bulls were involved in eight (47%) of those incidents.

Wyoming Mayor Jack Poll has suggested that the city should not rush into a decision and could work with other communities as they move ahead.  This is likely just the beginning of the discussion in Wyoming.