For the first time ever, Diet Coke sales surpassed Pepsi sales in 2010.  This makes Diet Coke the 2nd most popular soft drink in the country.  Holding the number one spot is, you guessed it, Coke!

The two companies have fought over the past decade to win market share from one another as cola sales overall have dropped.

Pepsi-Cola commanded only a slight lead over Diet Coke in 2009, when each brand had slightly less than a 10% market share among carbonated soft drinks. That year, regular Coke won the cola wars with a 17% market share, according to Beverage Digest, a trade publication and data service.

But market-share data to be released Thursday by Beverage Digest is expected to confirm Diet Coke pulled ahead in 2010.

I am a Coke man myself, I prefer all kinds of Coke products over Pepsi products.  Which do you prefer?

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