Shocker. Rob & I are still eating. But we love food and we do it for YOU. About a month ago we tried two of the four Lay's Passport Chips (Brazilian Picanha & Chinese Szechuan Chicken).

This time around we got to trying the other two flavors: Greek Tzatziki & Indian Tikka Masala, which makes this PART TWO of "Rob & Christine Try: Lay's Passport Chips."

Honestly, we saved the best for last! These two flavors were absolutely DELICIOUS!

The Greek Tzatziki sort of had a sour cream & onion taste but with more of a yogurt flavor and refreshing cucumber taste. Or according to Rob they tasted "Greek."

Indian Tikka Masala had a really nice spicy smell. Being Middle Eastern, it reminded me of some of the spices we use in our food. It had an even better taste. It was packed with flavor and made you feel like you were actually eating an Indian meal.

Watch the video above to get our full (kind of dumb) reactions... and how Rob's nipples look LOL! I think you can see why we don't do this in a real kitchen.

If you happen to see the Lay's Passport Chips while you're grocery shopping I would definitely suggest the Greek & Indian one. If you're feeling adventurous go ahead and buy all four flavors!

Have you tried any of the Passport chips? Which one is your favorite?

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